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Date: 06/09 - 8/09 2019
We return to Frag-o-Matic for the third stop of the RIV4L Lan Tour. Will we see a shift in the leaderboards or will the top 3 maintain their position?
Date: 01/03 - 03/03 2019
Frag-o-Matic is a series of gaming festivals that take place at least twice a year. It is in fact the largest Belgian LAN party and therefore the ideal setting to launch the RIV4L Lan Tour. It is time to discover who will prevail in the end.
Date: 19/04 - 21/04 2019
We continue our RIV4L Lan Tour at The-Party 17, one of the biggest LAN events in The Netherlands where competitive gaming is one of the keywords. We can't wait to see who will win at this fine event!
Date: 29/11 - 01/12 2019
Our fourth and final stop of the RIV4L LAN Tour is a brand new LAN party. Victory will be organized for the very first time and will be the place where the first RIV4L LAN Tour winner will be crowned.
RIV4L Lan tour prizepool
FOM 21.0 €4,500 €3,000 €1,500 €1,000 €10,000
The-Party 17 €3,000 €2,000 €1,500 €1,000 €7,500
FOM 21.1 €4,500 €3,000 €1,500 €1,000 €10,000
Victory €4,500 €3,000 €1,500 €1,000 €10,000
Bonus €2,250 €1,500 €750 €500 €5,000
Top 3 leaderboard
mCon esports 365 Pts
Sector One 300 Pts
hiGhrollers 250 Pts
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